Restaurant Leytonstone
Restaurant Leytonstone

Founders Ruth Tulip
Will Cabral

And an ever-evolving cast of bright young trailblazers

Herstory & History The founders and most of the crew met and worked at The Ivy (West Street, London) during the hedonistic noughties when refined decadence was the plat du jour. This is where they learned their craft, serving the beautiful and the damned.

After waitressing around the world, Ruth spent 14 years at The Ivy, where she learned from the best. Jeremy King taught her the value of humility. And her dear friend and mentor, the late John Andrews (J. Sheekey), taught her the timeless art of the maître d’.

Ruth’s attention to detail is second to none. She is a consummate lover of people. Everyone is welcome. And she has an extraordinary memory for faces. No one works the room like Ruth.

Will Cabral moved from Sao Paulo in Brazil to London in pursuit of adventure. He found it at The Ivy, where he flourished for 10 years, later joining the award-winning Zuma/ROKA Group.

Will is the ultimate people person. Passionate, professional, flamboyant, and fabulously attentive. He is the life and soul and heartbeat of the room with his fearless integrity, uncompromising standards and creative energy.

Now their paths cross again. In partnership with the cosmos, Ruth and Will have manifested this incredible opportunity to bring some of the West End to the East End.

Restaurant Leytonstone